CCTV/IP Camera Services
February 7, 2022


  • We have the latest technology in Malawi
  • We have a number one fiber maintenance team
  • We always use a single core fiber for individual user
  • Physical fiber link latency is always >5ms
  • We have highly qualified and experienced technical team
  • net Limited has a technical team which is capable of doing installations, maintenance and troubleshooting 24/7, proactive monitoring and notification
  • We have cloud core server setup – this is a new server technology in the whole Malawi.
  • We have 10G DATA transmit capacity per second.
  • We have best/modern machine in Malawi for fiber fault locating and splicing
  • Only we can provide unlimited capacity
  • No limit on the amount of our DATA upload and download
  • We will provide one free IP address to use on your network. If you require more than one public IP address these are available.
  • Service Level Agreement(SLA) is an agreement between Limited and client ensuring the guaranteed level of service expected by the customer


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